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There are many things to take into consideration when planning and choosing just the right greenhouse for indoor gardening. Location and space, how the greenhouse will be used, frame and covering materials, size and shape are all important initially. In addition, sunlight and water requirements, weed and pest control and maintenance also play important roles in determining which type of greenhouse kit will be more successful.

This is the type of information you will find available on our website to help you make an informed decision:

The Greenhouse Garden:

Typical Reasons Why A Hobbyist May Decide To Try Indoor Gardening

Choosing A Location For Your Greenhouse
--- Available Sunlight, Convenience and Accessibility, Local Climate

Additional Considerations
--- Ventilation, Workspace, Usage

Greenhouse Types:

Attached Structures
--- Even-Span or Full-Size Greenhouse, Lean-To or Half Greenhouse, Window-Mounted or Extended Window Greenhouse

Free Standing Structures
--- Portable Greenhouse, Permanent Greenhouse

Basic Greenhouse Models
--- Cold Frames, Grow Racks

Greenhouse Kit

Greenhouse Specifics:

Greenhouse Frame Materials
--- Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Plastic, Wood

Greenhouse Frame Styles
--- Standard and Modified A-Frame, Quonset, Gothic, Post and Rafter, Rigid Frame

Greenhouse Coverings
--- Glass, Fiberglass, Polyethylene Film, Double-Wall Polycarbonate or Acrylic

Floors and Foundations
--- Permanent Floors, Permanent Foundations

Greenhouse Plants:

Ornamental Seedlings

Greenhouse Vegetables

Planting Schedule

Planting For A Continuous Harvest

Soil Temperature Germination Ranges for Select Vegetables

Buying A Greenhouse Kit:

Greenhouse Kits
--- Portable Greenhouse, Pre-Fabricated Greenhouse, Hobby Greenhouse

Greenhouse Kit
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Greenhouse Care & Maintenance:

General Tasks
--- Ventilation, Watering, Feeding, Weed Control, and More

Additional Tasks
--- Clean and Sanitize, Insect & Pest Control

At Greenhouse Center, our goal is to provide useful information on choosing between the many different types of greenhouses available, buying a greenhouse kit, purchasing plants for your greenhouse nursery and how to maintain your greenhouse for indoor gardening year-round. Visit our Products page to see a sample of the large variety of greenhouse styles that are available.

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